A self-declared Queen of Neuroses

I am the queen of neuroses. 

I’m a former corrections officer so there are all kinds of habits that are just ingrained in me.
To name a few: I can’t sit with my back to a door or a window, if I leave a drink or food unattended, I won’t drink or eat it, in most every situation I’m in, I’ve already gone through it in my head and played out the worst that could happen and I what I would do if it did.

And then… there’s my weird writer quirks. I don’t like anyone to use my laptop. Evah! Even if you’re dying. My laptop is the receptacle for all of my thoughts and emotions, the worlds that live in my head. It’s akin to letting someone borrow your diary.

I read and watched too much horror as a child so now I can’t let my feet hang off the end of the bed, sleep with a closet door open, and I absolutely hate mirrors. Not because I’m a pork chop, but because when I was a kid, I always imagined that it was never ourselves looking back at us.

One thought on “A self-declared Queen of Neuroses

  1. I can totally see why you’d be neurotic about your food after being a corrections officer. I can just imagine. And yeah, I do that, too – imagine the worst possible outcome to any given situation. I don’t really think that’s neurotic, though. I’d rather look at it as being prepared. ;o)

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